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“Why Me?” Gives you quick review on resources  that you may find inspiring during a legal worry. As legal minded friends takes a wholistic approach to assisting you.

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You can also find Us on Divorced Parents Directory UNDER County Bristol and Gloucestershire. This Directory also has many Services relating to many needs you may have such as Coaching; Wellness Support to name a few.

SEE THE LIST BELOW to watch the videos as and when you find yourself asking the question why me?

The resources are linked in the description area, under the video (you will see a drop down arrow to reveal the notes) and how you can find the resources referred to in the review. If you like the music in the background you will see a reference. The photography if not referenced is by Karen Cole otherwise the name of the photographer will be referenced if we have used their beautiful creations.


Click Here For Why Me Playlist

This video is an introduction to “Why Me” it ends with a great resource.  Have you ever felt you needed an adventure but your day to day does not allow you the time? Click Here to find out how you can without having to physically go anywhere.

Are your emotions or thoughts causing you distress? Listen to a great pick me up. And be inspired right this minute. Click here.

Is a legal worry keeping you up all night and you have trouble sleeping? Listen to this review to diagnosis your sleep deprivation, and start getting a better night’s rest. Click here .

Are your thoughts positive or has a legal worry made you feel more negative? This video will point you to a wonderful writer who empowers you to “Change your thoughts Change your life” today.Click here.

Are thinking about giving up on a relationship? This short video will give you a great resource to take time to repair because the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. Click here.

Has your relationship with your significant other, been so confusing you just feel you are not on the same page?  Click here to have a giggle as we all look at life differently. What you see compared to what others see could have different meanings.

Have you ever thought this is not my life? Remember wise old sayings, to build your confidence when heavy clouds are hanging click here over you.

Are you feeling overwhelmed and need a calm moment? Click here to feel the power and history behind a simple cup of tea.