FAMILY MATTERS (Divorce & Child)

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Not getting regular child contact?  

Don’t know where your children live? 


Click here to listen about Parent Alienation and how changes should avoid long waiting times (years), without child contact with the non resident parent  while courts lengthy proceedings decide contact arrangements, meaning the resident Parent continues Alienation tactics and it is then entrenched in the child to dislike or hate the other parent and decide they don’t want any contact and by then it is too late.

We offer fixed prices on the stages of: 


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Is Divorce the right step? Not being happy is not a reason for divorce, talk to us first before you:  

Start a Divorce Application /Respond to a Divorce Petition

We can help you work out a financial settlement, secure your settlement by way of Orders obtained through the courts; such as a Consent Orde-not to be taken lightly, it may be cheaper but is it fair or are you being bullied because you cannot afford to defend?  

Pension Sharing Orders pros and cons….

Securing your rights to an interest in marital property,what if you are not the owner of your matrimonial home, or on the lease? 

What does equal footing mean?  

Don’t worry we can help, to achieve answers that are fair to both parties. 

Need to Enforce the Order you have?

We offer fixed prices, on applications to the court and assist you in drafting your statement to the court