A great many offences have a fixed penalty.  Is it worth appealing? Will your mitigating circumstances be taken into account? Will you pay court costs as well as a fine? More information about the offence will help you to decide if it is worth appealing.

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Will recognise distress caused to animal when taken from owner.


TO STOP 3RD PARTY SELLING -New puppies & kittens

Buyer must buy direct from breeders (who must be licenced); Show interaction with moms and pups.

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What motoring offences carry a fixed penalty?   Have you been charged with a motoring offence, instead of being offered a fixed penalty?

Do you want to find out why?

We cannot advise you on what you should do at court. However, we can  provide you with detailed information on motoring offences, what penalty it carries in court, including fines and points to prove.