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Have you sent an invoice or letter for payment and you have not been paid, let us start the debt recovery process for you, our aim is to have your debt paid in full without court involvement through negotiation, however if you need to go to court we can help you set this process in motion.

Our fees

For personal debt review:  £35 -£550 (depending on the complexity)

ie. someone (not a business) has promised to pay you (not a business) money they have borrowed from you and they have not done so.

For business debt review: between: £75 – £550 (depending on the complexity)

ie. you are a business or sole trader, and you have provided a service, or you have sold an item, and your invoice has not been paid.

or you or your business has a contract with someone, and the balance is outstanding.


In addition to above fees:         

Reminder phone call NO CHARGE  (a discussion with your debtor)

Reminder text NO CHARGE  (a simple text to contact us to discuss outstanding debt)

Reminder email NO CHARGE (a simple email to contact us to discuss outstanding debt)

Letter before court, if needed: £75  -(detail, of the debts owing to you, your intentions to take court action, and consquence to them)

Reminder letter  £40 (detail of debt and allow them time to pay, or contact us to discuss)

If letter before court action has not been successful, we will discuss further costs to proceeding, weighing up pros and cons of going to court based on evidence and amount of debt owing.

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NOTE: We can also help if you have been sent a letter before court action, Bank notice or you have been issued with a Statutory Demand or a bankruptcy petition, (meaning you have a debt outstanding of £750 or more.)-providing there is not a conflict of interest.