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FAMILY LAW Care Proceedings. We all agree keeping children safe is of paramount concern, and rightly so any concern about a child’s safety or potential risk to harm, should be reported. However if you have been investigated and you have been treated unfairly, and you are not given legal aid, legal minded friends can help. We feel this is a complicated area, and even if you are putting your name forward to be a special guardian this can have legal fees in excess of £15,000. Our services help litigants in persons, and we believe the support you need is before this is at the court stage. We offer reasonable rates to help you with witness statements and going to court. to view link “Forced Adoption Exposed, Please don’t take my baby” Caution Emotional -2009 UK

Discussion on children taken from parents Click here to veiw link to Edge Media Theo Chalmers John Hemming 1 (there are 13 short clips ) -2009 UK

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Click here to watch Room went black, she was gone’: Canadian forced adoption mom tells RT how her baby was taken [2018] Canada

Latest [2019] 88% (3,140) of children were adopted ) Click Here to link to current statistics for UK