PROMOTIONAL AIM: To reach people with a legal worry and provide expert advice helping avoid expensive solicitor fees.

PAYING AT STAGES AIM We ask for payment upfront as the fees are set at stages, you are not charged per hour. Though time on your matter can vary depending on the complexity and the expertise required.

The first stage is to review your issue, then to proceed with the next stage. You may then feel confident in managing the next stage without assistance. There is no refund for any stages once paid, even if you complete an included task yourself or if a task is not needed. For example -attending court or completing an application. Our expertise, guidance, information and advice has still been provided.

We do accept bonus payments or tips if we have exceeded your expectations. As our fees are gaged to help you get legal justice, at affordable rates. (See Fees & tips for detail)

CLEAR SPEAKING AIM We aim to provide clear information geared to your understanding, so you can make informed decisions based on knowledge. We will provide balanced views, weighing the pros and cons to avoid legal confrontations and enabling you to take a professional approach to your problem.

CONTACT & APPOINTMENT AIM As we are an online service allowing you to submit your questions day or night by email or mobile, What’s App, or talk to us over the phone at a time that suits you. So you do not need to take time off work.

COMMITMENT AIM We understand it may be difficult to contact Citizen Advice or a solicitor, so we strive to get back to you in a timely manner at all stages.

PEACE OF MIND AIM Our service provides convenience and peace of mind being able to discuss your worry with experts when you need it the most.

PROFESSIONAL AIM As we are not solicitors the advice given is from years of experience, and educational training. Once you receive the information we send you, we can talk you through it so you feel confident and comfortable going forward in a process that is best for you. (see TERMS AND CONDITIONS & FEES & Tips for detail)