Client: Pays all Court Fees and Costs Our Fees are for assisting you.

Examples below:



Review – Includes

Petitioning For Divorce -Discussing Proceess; Assisting you with Drafting Online Divorce Petition; Responding to Reply; and Directions from Court -Our Fee £550

Divorce Financial Reviews – Includes a settlement offer to otherside: Between £350 -£950

Drafting Financial Application(s) Between £250-£650

Applying for Absolute : No Fee For Applicant if within time (Otherwise we discuss our fees at time) Between £75 -£550)

If You are Respondent Applying For Absolute; Our Fees £550

Child/Children Matters:

Includes Review (Pre-Action Protocols; Discussing Pro’s and Con’s; Assisting with drafting Child Arrangements Applications online (C100) or Responding to Child Arrangements C100; Emergency Court Applications, For Specific Issues; Amending Current Order; Breaching Current Order: Between £275 -£650

Non-Molestation or Occupational Applications: Drafting: Between £350-£650


AFTER ABOVE STAGES: Assistance with Drafting: Statements, *Position Statements; Witness Statements; Reply Statements; Evidence Statements; Issue Statements, Defences, Answers, Bundles, Evidence, Contents Tables etc Between £275 -£450

ADDITIONAL FEES COULD BE: Drafting Emails to Court or the Otherside, or other issues that pop up are between:£75 -£125


Money Claims and or Defences

Fees are based on % of amount you are claiming, and discussed with you and are in stages.


Offence Reviews : Between £250-£450

Defences or Witness Statements or fees will be discussed as it depends on the amount of work involved, our fees will be discussed with you.


Reviews between £350-£950

Once Review Fees are Paid -Negoitating or Completing Employment Tribunal Forms between £275 -£450

General or Additional Reviews for anything not mentioned, such as High Court cases, Appeals, etc are discussed with you (so you know where you stand).

We do not charge per hour so once you have paid our fees you do not need to worry about having conversations with us, as we understand when you are going through a legal worry you may have reasonable questions, for a better understanding of what you are going through.


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