Employment Issues

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Click here to read about changes to the Furlough Scheme 1st August 2020.

Work can be a stressful place, Employment Law is complicated. We can assist you with, how to make a complaint to your employer and if your issue is not resolved, discuss with you the best course of action.

A process should be followed before you make a claim with the Employment Tribunal. Even if you are dismissed or you quit your job, be informed.

Click Here to Read the Summary Intervention and Options for The Parental Bereavement Leave and Pay Act 2018 that came into force April 2020. This will give employed parents the right to two weeks leave if they lost a child under the age of 18 or suffer a still birth from 24 weeks of pregnancy.

Click Here for ACAS information and details, on the Parental Bereavement Leave & Pay.

Shocking Statistics on the numbers  of Parents who have lost their child, or suffered a still born, this new law gives some relief during such a sad time. For the parents to have time off and pay.  NOTE: EMPLOYEES  must give notice and tell their employer to use Statutory Patental Bereavement Leave.

Click here for a short video on deciding to use to Civil Courts or Employment Tribunal for work related issues.