What have clients said about us?

“I wanted to buy my ex’s share of the property who would not settle on a property figure, demanding all sorts, legal minded friends helped me on what was important and what was not worth fighting over, solicitors for the otherside were just as demanding, but in the end they knew they could not justify the demands, by not giving up, I was able to achieve the best result for a reasonable fee. Many thanks, for supporting me through all this, it is really much appreciated and you did an excellent job“, (North England)

“I would like to thank Legal Minded Friends on behalf of the Ministry for your intervention in the problem we had with the service received from a transportation company. For almost three months of telephoning, emails, and letter writing, the company did not once acknowledge our communication for a refund of monies paid for services that were not carried out to our satisfaction. Legal Minded Friends took up our complaints and within 4 weeks our claim was settled with a full refund. Had it not been for the intervention and professionalism of Legal Minded Friends our situation would not have been resolved so quickly. Many thanks to the ‘team’ and I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who is struggling to obtain justice and will not hesitate to seek your assistance again if required”, (Bishop, Rev *, London)

After having my business properties repossessed by the bank my wife contacted Legal Minded Friends. They helped me with the processes involved and attended a meeting with me and the bank to assist in the resolution of the debt. With this assistance we managed to get the bank to agree a payment plan that allowed us to continue with our businesses and not go into liquidation, something they had previously refused to agree to. This was done with minimum fuss but maximum solution. Many thanks LMF just hope we do not have to use you again but would of course, should the need arise!!!”,(Central London)

I was going to plead not guilty to an offence I did not intentionally commit, however after legal minded friends reviewed my case, I realised I was technically guilty. Your help completing court forms and writing a detailed account of my situation, saved me hundreds of pounds in court costs from the other side that could have been awarded against me. It was great we could communicate be text and email when I was working, not having to take time off work also saved me money. Thank you so much for your help”, (Central London)

After a car accident my car was written off, my insurance company said they would compensate me, but then tried to get out of paying. Legal Minded Friends, took my case to the Financial Ombudsman put the claim together, and we won! The settlement was more then originally offered, Legal Minded Friends never gave up, and I could not have been so successful without them, thank you so much”, (London)

I did not know I was paying PPI, (payment protection insurance), Legal Minded Friends, contacted my lenders on several loans and credit cards, because of financial hardship I had stopped paying the balance owing.  Legal Minded Friends got me the money that I had originally paid into the ppi with interest and compensation! On most of my claims I got back under £500, but only having to pay 10%  for fees, meant that most of the money was mine and came at just the right time. I would recommend you for sure”, (Gloucester, Gloucestershire).

“Making a PPI Claim was so easy, I was kept informed along the way, and when my payment award was taking too long legal minded friends chased the bank, and wow was it worth it, I was shocked at how much I got back.  I was sorry, I used another company for my first claim and paid 33% in fees, out of my award, with Legal Minded Friends, I saved over £1,100.00!” (Bristol, Avon)

When my partner and I separated communication ended soon after, and he would not return my calls or emails, I made the mistake of moving out of the jointly owned property. Legal Minded Friends was able to make contact with him and we were able to settle the matter over a coffee all together. We went to court with an order ready for the judge to sign, so there was no need for two sets of representatives. A property dispute that I thought would take years took months. You helped me so much I cannot thank you enough,” (South-West Midlands)

All divorces are stressful and emotional but with the added strain of not being able to afford legal fees, I was faced with losing everything and didn’t know where to turn. Legal Minded Friends gave me the ability to represent myself so that I could understand and be in control of what was happening, and we had the whole matter delt without having to attend court. I cannot thank you enough for the help you gave responding to letters, completing forms and making calls on my behalf… There were no delays, you gave answers and provided support along the way. I don’t know what I would have done without you. I would and have already recommended you!,”(Cardiff,Wales)

I cannot thank you enough for your services you helped me to achieve what I could not do on my own for a medical insurance award, I will recommend you anywhere yours faithfully”, (Cornwall)

Thank you all so much for the help you gave me to prove an alleged debt was not due. You took away all the worries, sleepless nights, and fought my corner for me. The best £150 I have ever spent. I would recommend you to anyone,” (Stockport)

“I thought my solicitor invoices/bills were unfair, my legal case was very emotional, then to add to the stress my solicitor bills were exceeding the estimation they had given me. I was being billed for things I did not know were not part of the estimate, when I could not come up with more money on retainer my solicitor could no longer act for me. I could not get legal aid. All I could do was  represent myself. Legal minded friends helped me to resolve the dispute with my solicitor, and helped me to complete my case in court, for a fraction of the cost. thank you, you have been amazing!” (South, Avon)

Legal Minded Friends, legal expertise and unwavering support in an extremely difficult employment issue has gone above and beyond my expectations.
In a short space of time they have managed to turn a negative situation into a positive with only a few emails. I would not have been able to get through this without their help and guidance. I would most definitely recommend Legal Minded Friends,”(Surrey)  

I have worked things out with my husband, without the high cost of legal fees, I feel you’re advice was very helpful!!!!, I have definitely come to consider you as a ‘legal’ friend!!!,”(Cheshire)

Thank you so much for all your help.  We had a problem with a lease that we believed was mis-sold to us, and after one year of wasted effort and money with a solicitor I found  LEGAL MINDED FRIENDS. Within five weeks the case was settled out of court for hundreds not thousand of pounds! I am most greateful, your service is honest and straight foreward. You never gave up, you were like my defending bulldog-once your jaws were closed -no escape. Once again thank you,” (Essex)

Thank you so much for all the help, I thought I was a sitting duck until I found legal minded friends”,( Central London)

You have been amazing without you I would have lost everything, paying a solicitor cost me my family’s life savings, you helped me more in two weeks then my solicitor did in 2yrs! I wish I would have known about your company before. I would recommend you to anyone,” (Wales)

After my Mom died I felt her Will was unfair, thank you for helping me, you listened and gave me a way forward without going to court,”(West Midlands)

Thank you legal minded friends, I thought my driving license would be suspended and I would be fined up to £5000 for an offence I know I committed, but you help me defend myself in court, by telling the judge my sitiuation, I received the min. penalty and fine, you are a life saver,” (North London)

I was days before my trial in court, I could not afford a solicitor so I contacted Legal Minded Friends. You contacted the plantiffs solicitor on my behalf, reqesting further proof, which they could not provide, and they dropped the case, saving me going to court. I would highly recommend you to all my friends, thank you so much,” (London)