Mission Statement from Karen Cole, [Studied at The University of Western Ontario, in London CANADA achieved  (Under my Married Name Karen Anne Fuerth) a Bachelor of Arts from the Faculty of Social Science 3yr Degree in Sociology/ Criminalology/Law (Similar to UK BSc/LLB); * although I am not a member of the Solicitors Regulation Authority and Stanards Board, and therefore a practice as a Lawyer. I received further UK training in Civil Procedure Rules provided by my Employer, Gloucestershire County Council, County Solicitors Office] .

People often say, I wish I would have known about your services before it got this far. My aim is to help you through whatever legal issue you are going through, and provide you with the assurance that you can take control back and make decisions that are right for you, without the high cost of solicitor fees.

My Experience below is not exhaustive but highlights my dedication to Justice.

For four years, I was an Litigation Officer in the County Court representing a Local County Council & District Borough Council, which included training in Civil Procedures.

For five years I was an Information Officer for Youth Offending Service, working with the Justice System and other agencies, on the fore front of setting up secure communication between, Her Magistry Prison Services, UK Constablary Service (Police Records), and Criminal & Magistrate Courts. Data Analysis, Statistical Reporting to Government and ensuring Service was compliant in Legislative Laws.

For 1 year I was Appeals and Monitoring Officer for Cheltenham Borough Council, representing Housing Benefit and Council Tax cases that lost Appeals and I would argue on behalf of the Borough before the court, putting forward the postion of the Borough. I also monitored Housing and Council Tax Benefit Officers, decisions making procedures, to ensure the decisions were compliant with Legislation.

For 1 year I was a Fire and Rescue Service, Arson Analyst, using mapping and statistical analysis, within the Research Team in the Executive Offices Of Gloucestershire Council Council. I wrote Articles and provided Statistics Charts, Mapping types of Arson patterns in areas (daily and over a period of time) provide necessary information that would assist projects. Our aim was to bring awareness, and risks to local area authorities and agencies, so we could work together to reduce the number of incidents, making a safer environment for everyone.

I was also part of the data information that fed into the Green Paper, Every Child Matters, I liaised with agencies to ensure, we were all capturing data, across England and Wales so it could be analysed and presented to Parliament. This Project was initiated due to numbers in Deaths of Children from Abuse or Neglect, numbers on Children Protection Register, Children Looked After, Children in Need, Vulnerable Children, and All Children. It became a comprehensive programme of reform, for Children’s Services and a policy in 2003, that has wide reach across any agency dealing with Children.

For Four years I also was a Community Parole Officer writing pre and post sentencing reports, for Canada Corrections Service, we implemented Justice Reforms to reduce the Criminal Offending Recidivism rates through programs while prisoners were incrasaration, and upon lease into the Community.

I retired from Public Services I have been helping hundreds of litigants in person for many years to seek justice or for a fair settlement agreement, and if you don’t want to pay solicitor fees and believe you can represent yourself with my guidance, or the guidance of our legal minded friends  community who are independent from me ….then make contact today.

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